Total 澳洲5体彩 market intelligence.
Totally intelligent marketing.

We believe marketing ROI should be greater than the sum of its parts, and that marketers should be empowered by—not buried in—data.

That’s why Kenshoo is trusted by the world’s top brands to deliver marketing solutions that make you smarter, decisions easier and outcomes stronger.

Marketing Excellence

Marketing Excellence

Since 2006, Kenshoo has spearheaded innovation and driven unparalleled performance for world class brands and agencies through best-of-breed platform solutions designed for success on the leading growth marketing media: Search, Social, and Ecommerce.
Kenshoo Products

Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Direct API partnerships with all of the walled gardens, 100+ integrations and thousands of clients means a rich, specialized dataset from which to surface insights and benchmarks for your industry. Kenshoo's data layer fuels our products and informs the strategic guidance we provide.
Research & Trends

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

From CPG to telecom, retail to travel and everything in between, Kenshoo has experts and solutions dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of YOUR industry. Expert services, platform training, strategic consulting and bespoke solutioning are at your disposal.
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"Kenshoo's bidding technology enable Gusto to beat our paid search revenue targets. Given the increase in performance post-Kenshoo, everyone is very excited about the future of our paid search program. As an added benefit, we significantly reduced the amount of time spent on paid search each week!"

Adam Treboutat, Performance Marketing at Gusto

"Thanks to Kenshoo, our team was able to turn 15 hours of work into 15 minutes!"

Erin Ballard, Search & Ecommerce Partner | Wavemaker

“Bid Multipliers helped us tackle business needs and data discrepancies in a way that led to a significant increase in profits”

Shay Rubinek, Sr. User Acquisition Manager - Natural Intelligence

“Partnering with Kenshoo to help design an elegant technology solution to an obstacle our teams have experienced, has further opened the door to more efficiently manage Amazon Marketing Services buys…and with Kenshoo’s searchand social data as a gauge, potential visibility with this new solution is undeniable.”

Clint Armstrong, Senior Partner | Group Director | Search & Social

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